Tell us a bit about the company, its history and background?

Smartworks is a company that’s based in the Bournemouth area with a nationwide customer base. The company launched in 2018 after the founders saw the trend of Smart Homes continue to increase and the team realised they had something new to offer to the industry.

What’s the deal with this new product? Can you describe it and where it fits in the market?

With the rise of Smart Homes, the founders knew it was important to meet that supply with a company that deals with all aspects of renovating a home so it becomes Smart – from the wires up. The hospitality sector has become a huge market for Smart Technology as people are becoming more reliant on WiFi and Hi-Tech to meet their demands and Smartworks delivers that.

What are your company’s unique selling points versus its competitors?

The people behind the company – Andy and Richard – have 40 years of experience between them in the technological and security sectors. The marriage between these two industries has meant that Smartworks can supply not only the best equipment for any room but also do it in the best way. Smart technology is on the rise and people are becoming more and more reliant – both inside and outside of the home. People now expect WiFi when they’re out in a restaurant or hotel and Smart Homeworks is able to offer the best solution in a simple way for users.

Who are the key people, founders and/or management?

Richard Smile is the Commercial Director and having worked in the IT industry for twenty years in both technical and commercial roles, Richard brings a wealth of experience to the business in designing and creating innovative technology solutions. With considerable experience in the Hospitality industry and having worked with some of the most prestigious Hotels in Europe, he has first-hand experience of just how big a part technology now has to play in our daily lives, our surroundings and our interactions with other people.

Andy Baldwin is the Technical Director and has worked in the AV industry for eighteen years, in domestic and hospitality environments. Andy’s background is predominantly working with high-end brands such as Bang and Olufsen, Meridian and Linn. As AV technologies have become more IT focussed and converged, Andy has become adept at designing and installing home data and Wi-Fi networks as well as HD/4K distribution and switching systems. Andy prides himself in achieving a high standard of installation and has gained a considerable reputation in the AV industry for his work.

Richard and Andy wanted to come together after they realised they could bring their expertise together and create a company that had so many different areas of skills and knowledge.

What are the price points?

Prices are dependent on package size but Smartworks works with clients to create something unique and suitable to them. They’re happy to speak with customers and clients to provide the best solution.

What do you want to say to our readers?

Smartworks is a company that is focused on bringing Smart Technology into homes, hotels and restaurants in a secure and safe way that’s accessible for all. The rise of Smart Tech is only growing and will continue to do so and it’s important that the hospitality sector meets those needs of the customer.

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