The Internet has revolutionised society through unprecedented access to people, services and information.

Access works both ways though and whilst connecting our homes can have huge benefits in terms of access to the things we need in our lives, it also makes it much easier for the things we definitely don’t need in our lives to access us.

We work with market leading technology providers such as Ubiquiti Unifi to offer:

  • Secure Internet Access through enhanced Firewalls
  • Content Filtering/Application Control – Safeguarding
  • CAT 5/6/7 Data Networks
  • Fibre Connectivity
  • Secure, Encrypted WiFi Services

Using powerful network implementation and management tools, we can create and maintain secure, high-performance networks for our clients. Using real-time monitoring tools, we can respond to network faults instantly (often before it is apparent to the user that there is a problem) WiFi network speeds of up to 1Gb are now possible using the latest WiFi access points and Power Over Ethernet (POE) is enabling more and more connected devices to operate directly from the core of the network without separate mains supplies.

Smartworks can offer a comprehensive set of carrier services, tailored to suit both the performance and budgetary requirements of any business or home environment. These include fibre (FTTC, FTTP), Starlink and other satellite services, 4G and 5G (where available). We offer these as fully managed connections where we can monitor performance, shape and prioritise users and traffic, block certain content and so on. Demand for bandwidth is constantly growing and our high performance network and carrier solutions are equipped to keep pace with that demand whilst ensuring that security is not compromised.