“In order to survive a shark attack, you don’t have to swim faster than the shark, just faster than the guy next to you. The same applies to protecting your home or business. If yours is the only building on the street without some form of security deterrent, then there is a good chance that yours is the property that gets hit first because you’ve made yourself the easy target”

Smartworks can provide a comprehensive set of services to from initial consultation and viability studies, to implementation and ongoing support.

Employing cutting-edge technology from industry leaders Hikvision, we can implement affordable, reliable and pin-sharp camera solutions with the ability to record on demand, store media both on and off premises, deploy motorisation, tracking and motion-triggered events so that our CCTV solutions can operate as part of a much broader security strategy.

We can deploy powerful and yet invisible perimeter protection across thresholds of up to 100m, ideal for entrances, boundaries, and large open spaces such as car parks. Breaking the beam can trigger lighting, warning tones, primary alerting to an intrusion detection system and so on.

Taking the traditional burglar alarm and developing it into a cloud-managed, intelligent intrusion detection system, capable of delivering a compelling deterrent whilst providing useful information to owners and building managers regarding system state, events, statistics and so. Our solution is rarely standalone and will often integrate to the smart-home/BMS platform, IP camera solution or both. If a motion sensor detects movement, we can trigger a lighting scene at the same time as directing PTZ cameras to the relevant location – assailants beware!

One of the simplest and yet most effective way to protect a property is to simulate presence. Most intruders are looking for unattended assets because the risk to reward makes more sense that way. Whilst you’re away from your home or place of work, let your BMS or smart-home system simulate occupancy by triggering AV services, lighting and so on according to a random algorithm.

Intruders want to work in the shadows so make their lives that little bit harder by triggering lighting scenes when motion is detected. It is often said that burglar alarms are seen as a nuisance and are often ignored. Intruders know and take comfort in this fact. An automated lighting system draws attention to their activities and suggests intelligence and/or presence, both equally problematic for an intruder.

We can provide the tools and guidance to implement a robust but flexible access management policy for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces. Our focus is to create flexible and responsive systems that can make immediate decisions based on multiple factors, utilising contactless technologies such as RFID, biometric and thermal monitoring systems to decide on a case by case basis who should and should not be granted access.