At Smartworks, we love to build cinemas for our clients.

In no other technological discipline, do you have the same scope for creativity at the start of the project and as rewarding an end result at the point of completion.

For us as a team, there is no better moment than seeing a clients reaction when they watch their favourite clip from a classic film on their new system for the first time. The moment where you can see vividly, that the time, effort and investment have all been worth it.

By far the best feedback we have received to date from a client, in anything that we have done as a business, is hearing that the cinema room we had built had created a focal point in their home that had brought their family together. Sunday afternoons were now spent with everyone in the same place rather than dispersed around the house, sharing a common experience – it hadn’t even occurred to us that this would be a project outcome but it was great to hear!

Our experienced team can design and build the optimal solution to suit any environment and/or budget. Drawing from industry-leading technologies, premium materials and finishes and commissioning methodologies which are unparalleled and our sole objective is to create an immersive experience – one which effortlessly commands the full attention of the audience.

We set ourselves apart from other technology providers by taking the complexity away from the end user and presenting only the “wow” factor of the cinematic experience. We deploy Control4 processors and interfaces which seamlessly orchestrate all of the individual technologies that make up a modern cinema solution and then present these back to the end user in such a way that with a single button press, or voice command, the entire environment springs to life delivering high-definition media on demand, effortlessly.

We can enhance the overall experience by integrating sophisticated lighting scenes, comfort control through air conditioning and heating, motorisation of curtains, blinds and seating, AV inputs, voice activation devices – not to mention security, access control and pretty much any other “connected” device which you may wish to introduce.

Our Services

A successfully cinematic environment is one that immerses the audience. Surround sound is a huge part of that and often where the wow factor comes from in a cinema room. We build surround solutions for all environments and design briefs from simple 2.1 (left/right/sub) setups to commercial grade ATMOS systems with multiple channel-specific amplifiers and 15+ surround speakers and subwoofers.

Many home cinema enthusiasts make the mistake of investing huge amounts of money into the core technological components that make up a cinema (projector, screen, amplifier, speakers) and then do nothing about the sonic performance of the room itself – the result is invariably sub-optimal. Acoustic treatment is about normalising the acoustic characteristics of the room namely in terms of reflection, reverberation and resonance and by doing this we can deliver hugely impressive clean audio to support an immersive cinematic experience.

We supply fixed screens, acoustically transparent fixed screens (which allow us to hide in-wall speaker behind the projection surface) and also motorised screens which are ideal for multi-purpose rooms. These are made to order in any desired size or aspect ratio.

Seating and other cinematic furniture and fixtures are essential for dedicated cinema rooms (perhaps less so for multi-purpose environments). We can supply full design, supply and installation services for every aspect of the desired cinema room from fixtures, fittings, fabrics and furniture.

We supply commercial and domestic projection solutions to fit all budgets and desired projection characteristics taking into consideration the desired projection surface size, the desired display quality, the ambient lighting conditions and so on. Projectors can be ceiling mounted, surface mounted, custom installed in fabricated recesses and within motorised lifts.

As a Control4 dealer we can design and install cutting edge control and automation features to enhance the overall cinematic experience. Dimming the lights, closing motorised curtains and setting a comfortable temperature with a single button press, toggling between full lighting to floor-guide lighting the films starts and ends, setting surround modes for different content – all delivered with ease and controllable via a number of form factors such as touch screens, smart apps and handheld remotes.